211006_Mintroppplatz-instructions draft

Mintropplatz – Reassembling Public Space “We’re staying here! – Everyone needs a place”

Artistic action & mapping intervention for the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences & Paradise Park i.c.w. Arbeit und Leben

210114_Venice Arch Biennale NL_FINAL-PRINT

What do we need? / Wat hebben wij nodig?

Publication for the for the 17th Architecture Biennale in Venice, by the Chief Science Office of the City of Amsterdam & The Netherlands Architecture Institute

featured Mag Ricciotti copy2

Ricciotti Ensemble – Magazine/Annual Report ’17

Yearly magazine for Ricciotti ensemble


Subjective Atlas of Kaunas – contemporary perspectives on modernism

Publication upon invitation of Kaunas2022 - European Capital of Culture. Editor & Designer. In collaboration with Annelys de Vet. Published by Subjective Editions (BE), paperback, 16.5 x 22 cm, 192 pages.


Subjective Atlas of Colombia

Self-initiated publication. Executive production, Curatorship, Editorial Design. In collaborartion with Moniek Driesse & Annelys de Vet. Published by Semana Libros (CO), paperback, 16.5 x 22 cm, 232 pages.


Harry – Heine in Holland / De memoires van Heinrich Heine

Publication in two volumes, including an audiobook & music cd's in a custom-designed folder box.


Reproducing Europe – Migrant Families, Professionals and the Welfare State

Publication on an ethnographic study conducted by a PhD research group of the Radboud University of Nijmegen (NL). Published in 4 volumes, in Arabic with translations to French, Italian, English and Dutch.


Rietveld Academie – Fine Arts Department

Publication for the 2018 Graduation Show


Pigeonhouse – Music Theater performance by Thomas Myrmel & Wilbert Bulsink

Graphic Concept, Booklet Design, Posters, Postcards & Adhesives, Online Graphics


«Un Fantasma, Dos Ciudades – Un Ensayo Sobre Arte y Etnografía»
(«A Ghost, Two Cities – An Essay on Art and Ethnography»)
by artist-professor Trixi Allina Bloch

Editorial Design. Published by Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Hardcover, 15 x 23 cm, 282 pages


De Keuze van Bas Wiegers

Poster series & Booklet design for a concert evening curated by Bas Wiegers at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

GRA Fine arts Grad show 17-featured

Rietveld Academie – Fine Arts Department

Publication for the 2017 Graduation Show


Pharmacie de la Vie

Graphic Identity for a well-being holistic practitioner and her pharmacy

ricciotti id-featured 2

Ricciotti Ensemble

Graphic Identity for a Symphony Orchestra

171112_Winetravonden add and poster

Winteravonden aan de Amstel

Graphic Identity & Posters for a Winter Russian Chamber Music Festival in Amsterdam


Bogotá Pavillion – Amsterdam Biennale 2009

Curatorship & Exhibition Design, in Mediamatic Bank


GAE – Gallagher Audio Engineering

Graphic Identity & Website for sound engineer Clare Gallagher

card stacks featured

Alena Alexandrova

Identity & Website for a cultural theorist, independent art curator and professor based in Amsterdam


Trevor Grahl

Website design for a Canadian composer & performer

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 3.00.13 PM

DAG – Identity

Graphic Identity for the Dialogue Advisory Group, an Amsterdam-based organization that facilitates confilct resolution worldwide

Dag feature image

DAG – website

Website for the Dialogue Advisory Group

La casa Ellos-moseover-sqaure

Aitana Cordero

Website design for the Spanish Performance Artist, Choreographer & Dancer Aitana Cordero

Peter Vigh featured

Peter Vigh

Website for a Dutch saxophone player & composer

landing warm-square

NJSO – website

Website design for the Dutch National Youth String Orchestra


Bas Wiegers

Website for an Amsterdam-based music conductor


Anaïs Nin – Music-theater by Louis Andriessen & Nieuw Amsterdams Peil

A1 Poster, A5 Flyer, DVD Cover

210303_People we know are confused_LT

People we know are confused – Žmonės, kuriuos pažįstam

Poster & Graphics for a film by director Tomas Smulkis, produced by Just a moment (2021, LT)


«Visionaire Timbres 1926» by Ensemble Lumaka

Flyer design for a concert series

170914 hugo product-DSCF7962-feature copy

«The Moon is Electric»

Flyer for a staged music performance by Thanasis Deligiannis


Rosy – by Ensemble Lumaka

Flyer Design for a concert series inspired by 30's Dutch composer Rosy Wertheim


Harry – Heine in Holland (Poster for Book Launch)

Silkscreened posters on offset prints

A2 Poster

Monumenten – Concert Series by Ensemble Lumaka & guests

Custom Font inspired in an Amsterdamse School design. Posters & flyers


«Wallpaper in 4 movements» – Set of Postcards

Graphic wallpaper design based on a music composition by Koen Kaptijn.
5 x A5 postcards set - 50 sets limited edition


An Endless Present

Invitation for a solo exhibition by visual artist Milena Bonilla in gallery Mor Charpentier (Paris, FR).


NJSO – Posters

Art Direction of seasonal campaigns for the Dutch National Youth String Orchestra



Communication for a Music-Theater production based on texts by artist Jean Arp


Ricciotti Ensemble – Scottish Fling

Communication campaign for the 2017 summer/fall tour in Scotland & The Netherlands.


Riccciotti Ensemble – Tourneé Dansante

Communication campaign for the 2017 spring/summer tour in The Netherlands.


Monoták – Composers collective

Graphic Identity & "Cards for half a decade"

featured pand 7090-SouthAfrica-01

PAND 7090

Graphic Communication for a series of performances by 7090


Controllar – «Only strangers are normal»

Graphic Design, Illustrations, Silkscreening & Custom-foldable Album Packaging


«From Kart to Camper» Concert Promo – by 7090 & Trolleybus

Promotional e-flyer and video graphics for a two-day performative concert / installation / construction in OT 301 - Amsterdam


Piano Duo Post & Mulder

All-in-one Poster & Custom Foldable DVD Packaging
Video Graphics


Controllar – «2 Live in Levontin»

CD Album design


Looptail – «I Am a Strange Loop»

Album design & collage series for an Amsterdam-based contemporary music sextet


Béton Armé – Chamber music by Iannis Xenakis

CD Album design and hand-made special edition box for 7090



Custom foldable CD package


Corkestra – «Gas Station Sessions»

Album design


Subjective Atlas of Colombia

General Exhibition in Artecámara (Bogotá, CO) & Workshop show in the IV Ibero-American Symposium of the history of Cartography (University of Andes - Bogotá, CO)

As shown in Art Gallery Sign, Groningen, NL

«Darkroom for Intellectuals»

Ongoing Video Installation, exhibited in several spaces

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 11.14.57 PM

From Kart To Camper

Live on-stage performance, lighting & drawing-video installation


Abstraction Park 7090 Preview

Graphic, Stage & Light Design for a performative evening in the Orgelpark, Amsterdam

featured PAND7090 Groningen

PAND 7090

Co-curatorship. Graphic, Exhbition, Stage & Lighting Design. Pop-up Performance & Mobile Gallery Shop (Netherlands, South Africa & United Kingdom)

181031_Abs Park Brochure EN-digital-mres

Abstraction Park 7090

Design for a sound-art and performative public-space installation


Wildlife – Nagele, Province of Flevoland, The Netherlands

Postcard series, artwork by Luisa Ungar

syou feature

SYOU – Amsterdam launch event

Art Direction for the brand's launch event in Denim City, Amsterdam


Sleeping Room at Frascati Theater, Amsterdam

Stage and light design, co-production, graphic objectual interventions. For a performance by Aitana Cordero at the Tender Fall Festival


Revolutionary Playground at De Appel Art Center

Exhibition & Performative Installation. Floor paint on canvas - dimensions: 10 x 2 m. Custom type design


Colour Charts of the Domestic Environment

Tryptich artwork for exhibition, 3 Lambda Colour Prints.


Music Hall 2

On-stage performative installation in collaboration with pianist Nora Mulder. Graphic adaptation of Paul Van Ostaijen’s poem “Music Hall 2”, for a musical composition by Michael Finnissy with piano performance


«Burocracia Moderna y Migratoria (EEN OGENBLIK GEDULD ALSTUBLIEFT)»

Art Installation for the Amsterdam Biennale 2009


Hurt Models

Diptych inspired by a book by Christiaan Bastiaans


An Endless Present – Artwork for Milena Bonilla

Graphic Artwork and typeface research for an artwork by artist Milena Bonilla


Malware-made Riddles by Milena Bonilla

Graphic artwork for an exhibition of the artist at Jeanine Hofland Gallery in Amsterdam. 30 digital prints, 130 x 210 mm

2014-05-03 P1040972 luisa felipe 46

Sketch for Insults / Concert

(Graphic) Artwork Production for Artist Luisa Ungar


«Ways of Speaking» – Design of a MFA Thesis for Luisa Ungar

Graduation Thesis for the artist, presented to the School of Missing Studies department at the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam