Fuse – Fusion String Ensemble

The ensemble performs various and eclectic programs, ranging from classical music to pop, jazz, and special arrangements of existing musical repertoire. They often collaborate with other artists (and artistic disciplines), and try to break the boundaries between the audience and stage performance.

When they came to me for developing a visual identity, I had to think of the contrasts between classical and modern, focus and dispersion, and a young, open, communicative tone that would clearly reveal their ambition for musical quality.

I chose to work with sans-serif precursor typeface Akzidenz Grotesk to anachronistically represent the principles of modernism as the main component of their communication.

We created a visual framework that maintained their classical-meets-modern fusion style while representing their ambition for quality that is core to the ensemble’s philosophy.

Graphic Identity, A2 posters and A5-long flyers for concert series, website guidelines.