Sleeping Room at Frascati Theater, Amsterdam

Choreographer and performer Aitana Cordero often gets too busy. She was invited to participate with a performative installation in the program “Tender Fall” produced by Frascati Theater in Amsterdam. But she also had to perform in New York and Beijing during the previous days.

Knowing how jet-lagged and tired she would be, Aitana came up with the idea of building a sleeping room in the theater and at least try, to fall asleep.

So we recreated a dimly-lit warm space with built-up “stations” where the bare-foot audience could help Aitana’s sleep. They could sing her a lullaby on a soft-volume microphone or play one on a record player; read a story-tale or join her in bed; send telepatic messages to help her dreams or red-lipstick-kiss her good-night.

We built a set of custom-made and intervened objects with instructions in vinyl, digital print, sticker, chablon, lipstick-drawn text, and sewn lettering.

This resulted in a cozy room where eventually, Aitana fell asleep.

*Due to the low light conditions required by the nature of this performance, the lighting in these photographs is not a faithful representation of the real situation.

Stage & light design, graphic objectual interventions on books, pillows, blanket, mirror, LP’s.