210114_Venice Arch Biennale NL_FINAL-PRINT

What do we need? / Wat hebben wij nodig?

Publication for the for the 17th Architecture Biennale in Venice, by the Chief Science Office of the City of Amsterdam & The Netherlands Architecture Institute


Mintropplatz – Reassembling Public Space “We’re staying here! – Everyone needs a place”

Artistic action & mapping intervention for the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences & Paradise Park i.c.w. Arbeit und Leben

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Publication for FCAT – African Film Festival of Tarifa & Tangier (ES)

Memory of the 20th anniversary of the festival


Harry – Heine in Holland / De memoires van Heinrich Heine

Publication in two volumes, including an audiobook & music cd's in a custom-designed folder box.


Reproducing Europe – Migrant Families, Professionals and the Welfare State

Publication on an ethnographic study conducted by a PhD research group of the Radboud University of Nijmegen (NL).
Published in 4 volumes, in Arabic with translations to French, Italian, English and Dutch.

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Development Bank of Latin America & The Caribbean – CAF

Illustrations & Visual Assets for DIVERSICAF

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Development Bank of Latin America & The Caribbean – CAF

Branding, Graphic Identity & Strategic Communication Consultancy for the Inclusion, Diversity & Gender Management - DIVERSICAF

231206_Documento Diversicaf-letter FINAL_v18-Futurista17

Development Bank of Latin America & The Caribbean – CAF

Strategy for Diversity 5.0 - Publication for DIVERSICAF


Subjective Atlas of Colombia

Self-initiated publication.
Executive production, Curatorship, Editorial Design.
In collaborartion with Moniek Driesse & Annelys de Vet.
Published by Semana Libros (CO), paperback, 16.5 x 22 cm, 232 pages.


Subjective Atlas of Kaunas – contemporary perspectives on modernism

Publication upon invitation of Kaunas2022 - European Capital of Culture. Editor & Designer. In collaboration with Annelys de Vet. Published by Subjective Editions (BE), paperback, 16.5 x 22 cm, 192 pages.


Rietveld Academie – Fine Arts Department

Publication for the 2017 Graduation Show


Rietveld Academie – Fine Arts Department

Publication for the 2018 Graduation Show

240424_Rehearsed Spontaneity_HHT website

Publication for The Institute of Performative Practice, Art & Education of the Braunschweig University of Art – HBK (DE)

eselsbrücke / noun. [ feminine ] /ˈeːzəlsbrʏkə/. A script by Rehearsed Spontaneity (Edited by Luisa Ungar with Hasan Zeytin)


«Un Fantasma, Dos Ciudades – Un Ensayo Sobre Arte y Etnografía»
(«A Ghost, Two Cities – An Essay on Art and Ethnography») by artist-professor Trixi Allina Bloch

Editorial Design. Published by Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Hardcover, 15 x 23 cm, 282 pages


Conservatory for Professional Music Arturo Soria (Madrid, ES)

Booklet program & Graphic Identity for the 10th Musical Week

240402_CARTEL A3_Almudena

Conservatory for Professional Music Arturo Soria (Madrid, ES)

Posters for Concerts

Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 3.39.48 AM

Conservatory for Professional Music Arturo Soria (Madrid, ES)

Concert Leaflets


Conservatory for Professional Music Arturo Soria (Madrid, ES)

Seasonal End of Course Concert at the National Auditorium

featured Mag Ricciotti copy2

Ricciotti Ensemble – Magazine/Annual Report ’17

Yearly magazine for Ricciotti ensemble


Riccciotti Ensemble – Tourneé Dansante

Communication campaign for the 2017 spring/summer tour in The Netherlands.


Ricciotti Ensemble – Scottish Fling

Communication campaign for the 2017 summer/fall tour in Scotland & The Netherlands.


Ricciotti Ensemble

Graphic Identity for this legendary Amsterdam-based Symphony Orchestra


De Keuze van Bas Wiegers

Poster series & Booklet design for a concert evening curated by Bas Wiegers at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

A2 Poster

Monumenten – Concert Series by Ensemble Lumaka & guests

Custom Font inspired in an Amsterdamse School design. Posters & flyers


Pharmacie de la Vie

Graphic Identity for a well-being holistic practitioner and her pharmacy

171111_winteravonden POSTER

Winteravonden aan de Amstel

Graphic Identity & Posters for a Winter Russian Chamber Music Festival in Amsterdam


Alena Alexandrova

Identity & Website for a cultural theorist, independent art curator and professor based in Amsterdam


GAE – Gallagher Audio Engineering

Graphic Identity & Website for sound engineer Clare Gallagher


Trevor Grahl

Website design for a Canadian composer & performer

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 3.00.13 PM

DAG – Identity

Graphic Identity for the Dialogue Advisory Group, an Amsterdam-based organization that facilitates confilct resolution worldwide


DAG – website

Website for the Dialogue Advisory Group

La casa Ellos-moseover-sqaure

Aitana Cordero

Website design for the Spanish Performance Artist, Choreographer & Dancer Aitana Cordero

Peter Vigh featured

Peter Vigh

Website for a Dutch saxophone player & composer


Bas Wiegers

Website for an Amsterdam-based music conductor


NJSO – website

Website design for the Dutch National Youth String Orchestra

210303_People we know are confused_LT

People we know are confused – Žmonės, kuriuos pažįstam

Poster & Graphics for a film by director Tomas Smulkis, produced by Just a moment (2021, LT)


Rosy – by Ensemble Lumaka

Flyer Design for a concert series inspired by 30's Dutch composer Rosy Wertheim


«Visionaire Timbres 1926» by Ensemble Lumaka

Flyer design for a concert series

170914 hugo product-DSCF7962-feature copy

«The Moon is Electric»

Flyer for a staged music performance by Thanasis Deligiannis


Harry – Heine in Holland (Poster for Book Launch)

Silkscreened posters on offset prints


NJSO – Posters

Art Direction of seasonal campaigns for the Dutch National Youth String Orchestra


«Wallpaper in 4 movements» – Set of Postcards

Graphic wallpaper design based on a music composition by Koen Kaptijn.
5 x A5 postcards set - 50 sets limited edition


An Endless Present

Invitation for a solo exhibition by visual artist Milena Bonilla in gallery Mor Charpentier (Paris, FR).



Communication for a Music-Theater production based on texts by artist Jean Arp


Monoták – Composers collective

Graphic Identity & "Cards for half a decade"


Controllar – «Only strangers are normal»

Graphic Design, Illustrations, Silkscreening & Custom-foldable Album Packaging


«From Kart to Camper» Concert Promo – by 7090 & Trolleybus

Promotional e-flyer and video graphics for a two-day performative concert / installation / construction in OT 301 - Amsterdam


Piano Duo Post & Mulder

All-in-one Poster & Custom Foldable DVD Packaging
Video Graphics


Controllar – «2 Live in Levontin»

CD Album design


Looptail – «I Am a Strange Loop»

Album design & collage series for an Amsterdam-based contemporary music sextet


Béton Armé – Chamber music by Iannis Xenakis

CD Album design and hand-made special edition box for 7090



Custom foldable CD package


Corkestra – «Gas Station Sessions»

Album design


Subjective Atlas of Colombia

General Exhibition in Artecámara (Bogotá, CO)
Workshop show in the IV Ibero-American Symposium of the history of Cartography (University of Andes - Bogotá, CO)

As shown in Art Gallery Sign, Groningen, NL

«Darkroom for Intellectuals»

Ongoing Video Installation, exhibited in several spaces

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 11.14.57 PM

From Kart To Camper

Live on-stage performance, lighting & drawing-video installation


Abstraction Park 7090 Preview

Graphic, Stage & Light Design for a performative evening in the Orgelpark, Amsterdam

featured PAND7090 Groningen

PAND 7090

Co-curatorship. Graphic, Exhbition, Stage & Lighting Design. Pop-up Performance & Mobile Gallery Shop (Netherlands, South Africa & United Kingdom)

syou feature

SYOU – Amsterdam launch event

Art Direction for the brand's launch event in Denim City, Amsterdam


Revolutionary Playground at De Appel Art Center

Exhibition & Performative Installation. Floor paint on canvas - dimensions: 10 x 2 m. Custom type design


Colour Charts of the Domestic Environment

Tryptich artwork for exhibition, 3 Lambda Colour Prints.


Music Hall 2

On-stage performative installation in collaboration with pianist Nora Mulder. Graphic adaptation of Paul Van Ostaijen’s poem “Music Hall 2”, for a musical composition by Michael Finnissy with piano performance


«Burocracia Moderna y Migratoria (EEN OGENBLIK GEDULD ALSTUBLIEFT)»

Art Installation for the Amsterdam Biennale 2009


Hurt Models

Diptych inspired by a book by Christiaan Bastiaans


Sketch for Insults / Concert

(Graphic) Artwork Production for Artist Luisa Ungar


«Ways of Speaking» – Design of a MFA Thesis for Luisa Ungar

Graduation Thesis for the artist, presented to the School of Missing Studies department at the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam


Wildlife – Nagele, Province of Flevoland, The Netherlands

Postcard series, artwork by Luisa Ungar


Malware-made Riddles by Milena Bonilla

Graphic artwork for an exhibition of the artist at Jeanine Hofland Gallery in Amsterdam. 30 digital prints, 130 x 210 mm


An Endless Present – Artwork for Milena Bonilla

Graphic Artwork and typeface research for an artwork by artist Milena Bonilla