Aitana Cordero

Aitana Cordero is a Madrid-born Amsterdam-trained dancer, choreographer, performance artist, teacher, or as she says: “a mover, a curious, a wonderer, a reader, a Gemini, a cook, a mother”. Her theatre and dance pieces often deal with body encounters, objects and constructions, intimacy, physicality of violence, strategies of sharing, or explorations about theatrical protocols.

The website design reflects conceptually upon the boldness, movement and energy of her work, but subtly. The very generous typography –set entirely in the classic realist typeface Aperçu– performs a set of instructions helped by multidirectional arrows and full-screen photographs that are revealed through veils and black curtain-like menu’s. Overall, in the simple and almost transparent but authoritarian design, what remains is an instructive layer, an invitation, a web dramaturgy.

Website design (desktop & mobile)
Programming by Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen