From Kart To Camper

«From Kart To Camper» was a two-evening concert we organized with the musicians of 7090 (contemporary) in collaboration with Trolleybus (improvised). I participated as a performing artist producing a live on-stage drawing-video installation during the two days, in collaboration with composer and video maker Eric de Clercq. This concert-construction extravaganza took place in OT301, Amsterdam.

The concert strated with an actual kart being driven into the stage. Musical performances of all kinds followed, including a 10 meters plastic snake-like construction that filled the entire theater. Nora Mulder performed a fantastic accordion piece played with her legs. Meanwhile, Rodger Dignum worked on a wooden construction that added panels and extra features to the kart-turning-camper… I sat at an improvised desk in the corner of the stage during the entire 2 days, 6 hour performance, with a desk lamp, a ruler and angle, a drawing board, black sheets of paper, pencils brushes and paint. I departed from the idea of drawing a landscape on these black paper sheets that would then be painted with white and blacklight-sensitive paint.  My inspiration came from geometries and rough but expressive theater decors from the Bauhaus era. These drawings were later arranged as a long sequence on a 5 meter by 30 centimeters wooden frame, where Eric had alongside arranged a skateboard with a mounted video-camera.

Once the kart had been completely transformed into a mini-camper van, the video projection was screened directly from the camera —mounted on the hand propelled skateboard— as a backdrop for the departure of our kart-turned-camper.

On-stage installation
9 acrylic painted drawings on black paper
wooden structure, alluminium foil, rope, hangers, skateboard, blacklight, video-camera, and beamer.

«From Kart To Camper» on-stage video recording of the painted installation.