Communication for a music-theater production based on texts by artist Jean Arp.

The production was contextualized in the «100 years of De Stijl», a celebration of the Dutch movement that involved most art institutions in 2017 around The Netherlands, and was co-produced by the Kröller-Müller Museum, one of my favorite museums in the country.

I found interesting that from a formal point of view, one could say that the organic, fluid, rounded shapes that one often finds in Jean Arp’s artworks are somewhat distant from the straight, linear, squared formalities of De Stijl’s painters. However, Arp was strongly involved with some of the most representative artists of De Stijl as they shared avant-garde philosophical standpoints.

I decided to (philosophically) work in an encounter between this clashing formalities. A custom typeface based in De Stijl’s rectilinear forms, an obvious colour palette in less obvious colour combinations,  and an organic pattern inspired on Arp’s artworks.


Poster Series & Flyer design
Posters in 4 combinations of 2 inks per 1 colour paper, silkscreened by Hugo Herrera Tobón & Willemijn Morriën (stagiaire) in the Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier.