Trevor Grahl

Trevor Grahl is a Canadian contemporary music composer residing in Amsterdam, and a close friend. The inspiration for his web design came from references drawn from his own humorous personality and his playful —yet formal— compositions that take references from the past, and add elements of layering that unfold multiple moods in the sound.

When he asked me to make his website, I had to think of a very simple but bold, colourful, historically referential and somehow funny design. This translated in the use of a colour palette based (only) on the basic 6 HTML classic colours from the beginning of the internet era, displayed —at random— in algorithmic combinations, contrasted with a classic and much loved typeface from the beginning of the 20th century (Belwe by german typographer Georg Belwe) set in a generous size with a slightly modified tighter letter-spacing.

While some colour combinations might seem more successful than others, the concept as a whole functions as a permanent clash in its design elements, and as intimate reflection on the «melancholic-humorous» nature of the composer’s soul and work.

Website design (desktop & mobile), 2016
Programming by Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen