Sketch for Insults / Concert

Graphic artwork for an exhibition by artist Luisa Ungar (upon invitation to an exhibiton by Jeanne Van Heeswijk) in Gallery RAM – Berry Koedam, Rotterdam (NL).

«Instructions for performers: In Insults and words of forgiveness and appropriate behavior, various words come into a monophonic composition. The performer plays with their melodic patterns in sequence. It is important not to hurry from pattern to pattern but to stay on a pattern long enough to interlock with other patterns being played. As the loud-speaking progresses, a certain rhythm is acquired. It is important not to race too far ahead or to lag too far behind. The tempo is left to the discretion of the performer, following the traditional broadcasting pattern. The words as given in the source are preferred, but if any other similar collection is available, it will do as well. It is very important that performers listen very carefully to one another and this means occasionally to drop out and stay quiet.» —Luisa Ungar.


Graphic artwork for exhibition
39 x A3 Risograph prints on drawing cream paper
Printed by Sander Janzweert – De Stencilzolder