Subjective Atlas of Colombia

This exhibition anticipates the publication of the «Subjective Atlas of Colombia» and showcases through an open and extense imagery —as in a contemporary version of a curiosity cabinet—, a collection of artworks, objects and print-works that function as related «micro-mappings» generating a global and alternative cartography of Colombia.

The works compiled here gather sensitive but critical points of view about the natural and social contrasts of the country; present personal pathways through its geography and landscape, through it’s richness and limitations, its sociopolitical tensions: the dreams and urges of Colombians themselves.

The atlas is a tool to dialogue and debate, but also to criticize and discuss, or to sensitize and humanize. This compendium of images, that doesn’t pretend to illustrate a state of the art or to become a catalogue of artworks, is more an action that «mapping» reveals poetic, uncommon connections between a geography and its artistic practices. The compendium also showcases social, cultural and daily life aspects that are present but not so obviously perceived.

The exhibition gathers a big part of the works contributed by the almost 50 artists that participated in the two processes of creation, debate and reflection, in which topics like national identity, territory and idiosyncrasy were discussed.

A large part of the images that were created are the result of an initial exercise on territorial representation —a Subjective map of Colombia—, while another one is what the artists proposed at the end of the cycle: new representations of our symbolic legacy as a nation, the anthem, the flag and the coat of arms.

Ultimately, this «micro-mappings» speak about subjects that each artist has chosen, and in his or her own terms. The diversity in content is a fundamental aspect in the show, where artworks are intentionally grouped and generate crossings, reunite contrasts and celebrate heterogeneity.

Hugo Herrera Tobón
Curator & Editor