«Un Fantasma, Dos Ciudades – Un Ensayo Sobre Arte y Etnografía»
(«A Ghost, Two Cities – An Essay on Art and Ethnography») by artist-professor Trixi Allina Bloch

This publication explores the notion of «fear» through ethnography and performative drawing, allowing the experimentation with images to become a link between observation and experience of urban life. Activating an artistic practice around this concept becomes the reflection of the artist in an essay that has been structured in three parallel, textual voices: first, that of theoretical and methodological reflection, second, that of observation manifested through drawings as a performative act, and third, a series of field notes. Object and subject are fused in all of them.

The design process acquired the form of a long in-depth conversation with the artist through the pages of the book, where the parallelism of the three narrative voices had to respond to multiple intersections in content and tone, allowing the reader to actively participate by implementing his own reading order. Is it up to the reader to find his own interest and place with the resonance and rhythm of the pages. It then also becomes a binding procedure, not just among different practices, but also among those who transit urban paths.

This is how the title in the cover becomes a ghostly urban intersection, the blown-up number dividers in each chapter a metaphor for given paths or limits, and the endless typologies in the pages a suggested rhythm to the reader’s wishes, possibilities or fears.


Editorial Design
Published by Universidad Nacional de Colombia
282 pages
Typeface: Sabon LT, Kabel
Format: 15 x 23 cm
Hardcover in white Rodacarp paper, 280 gr.
Dust Jacket in Pergamino paper, 180 gr.
Inner pages in Propalmate paper, 115 gr.

© Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Vicerrectoría de Investigación
© Editorial Universidad Nacional de Colombia
© Trixi Allina Bloch
First Edition, 2015
ISBN: 978-958-775-338-7