«Wallpaper in 4 movements» – Set of Postcards

For a musical composition by Koen Kaptijn titled «Modernistisch Bloemetjesbehang» (Dutch for «Modernistic Wallpaper»). It is the first of a few slow-cooked collaborations we’ve been planning with Koen for some time now.

A set of predefined geometrical, mathematical, and colour codes allowed me to re-write the musical score in the form of wallpaper. The geometrical patterns were inevitably inspired by wallpaper designs from the 60’s that I came across years ago in Madrid.

We used a set of 5 large A0 prints on stage during the concert, and I also produced a limited series of 5 postcard sets depicting all movements of the piece.*

5 x A5 postcards set – 50 sets limited edition
5 x A0 prints